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AbbeySchool CiaoItaly
Art & Language school

Situated in one of Turin’s most elegant areas just a short walk from the Polytechnic, AbbeySchool CiaoItaly specializes in teaching the Italian language and culture to students from all over the world.…

Aboca Edizioni

The publications of the publishing house Aboca Editions are the result of the continued commitment of Aboca Museum Research Centre. Aboca Museum is a major cultural project by Aboca.
 Founded in 2002…

Accademia Italiana
Art & Language school

Salerno is a traditional city by the seaside in the South of Italy, the right place for mixing study and holidays because its perfect position in a beautiful area offers the possibility…

Accademia Kronos

Accademia Kronos NPO (non-profit organization) is an association which has since 1997 resumed the activities of one of the oldest environmentalist movements in Europe: “Kronos 1991” (born in Turin in 1969 and…

Accademia Vis Vitalis

Accademia Vis Vitalis is a young publishing company, located in Turin, Italy, dedicated to promoting books about healthful, sustainable living, and alternative medicine, for the body, the spirit and the mind.

Acco Editore

Acco Editore’s catalog currently has about 70 titles, and 40 more titles are expected to be added in the coming year. Among their awards are Chiari’s best children’s book for “Piedi caldi…

Agave Edizioni

Agave Edizioni is a new publishing house based in Sardinia (Italy), in which a top-flight professional background and a network of international relations come together to create exportable products of exceptional aesthetic,…

Agenzia Letteraria Internazionale srl
Literary Agency (or Agent)

Founded in 1898, ALI was the first Literary Agency in Italy and is one of a few in the world that can boast a history of over a century. ALI works on…

Alberti Editore

Alia Editrice

Alia Editrice is a new independent publishing company established in late 2008 with the aim of creating an attractive range of publications that are pleasing both to look at and read. The…

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