Italian in Translation


Books translated from Italian are some of the most popular translations available on the U.S. market. In fact, in 2014, Italian translations ranked third behind France and Germany. In recent years, this trend has only increased:

italian-titles-translated-in-america Source: AMERICAN LIFE. THE ITALIAN WAY. By Maura Malfatto Elia Accessed 16 Feb. 2016


As such, we are pleased to announce that publication has been scheduled for IF VENICE DIES by Salvatore Settis for September 13, 2016. Published by New Vessel Press, an independent publishing house specializing in the translation of foreign literature into English, and translated by André Naffis-Sahely, this eloquent book by internationally renowned art historian Salvatore Settis ignites a new debate about the Pearl of the Adriatic and cultural patrimony at large: What is Venice worth? To whom does this urban treasure belong?


Author: Salvatore Settis

Translator: André Naffis-Sahely

Italian Publisher: Einaudi. Check out their ItalBooks page here!

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